• Finessing Staff

@Careyboy152 is Funny in Finessing

We love to see our extended Finessing family out chasing their dreams and, as such, were really excited to see Mr. Facial Expression aka @careyboy152 rocking our gear in his recent Instagram videos.

With over 500k followers, it’s clear Carey knows how to finesse the Internet as he follows his passions and that’s always admirable. Even better to know the guy is legitimately funny!

The first of two videos featuring the black Finessing dad hat is captioned “When a Man Is Put in a Situation He Wants to be In” showcasing how dudes act when women put them in good (and terrible) situations. The second video is titled “When You Can’t Find a Good Man” and feature a variety of situations modern women find themselves in when dating in 2017. Both have reached hundreds of thousands of views and highlight Carey’s trademark humor. Follow that man on social media for some guaranteed laughs.