• Finessing Staff

Finessing Art Basel

Art Basel has come and gone and with it have gone most of the hats we had in stock. As you might know already, on Friday, Finessing Miami teamed up with IV The People for a charity event benefitting the Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Haiti. Featuring Zoey Dollaz and DJ Stevie J, we’re happy to say that we raised $1,500, which will be donated to charities. The event was a success and a pleasure to be apart of. Knowing we helped make a difference, even if it’s a small one, is great to know and reminds us of why we Finesse.

Meanwhile, for the rest of Art Basel, we made our way to all of the dope art spaces, DJ sets, and parties. The Finessing hats — of every color and type— were a hit and we ended up selling hats at every stop. At one point, the hats sold so well we had to sell the hats off our heads.

It’s been a surreal week of parties, shows and filling out orders. With everything that’s gone on, we’re slightly backed up on shipping out our orders but we’re working night and day to make sure every order is shipped out as soon as possible. Bear with us and feel free to reach out.

Best, Finessing