• Finessing Staff

Finessing For The People

Updated: Nov 7, 2017

While Hurricane Matthew spared much of South Florida, it led to the deaths of hundreds in Haiti and displaced countless others. With that in mind, Finessing Miami has teamed up with For The People (, Zoey Dollaz (@zoeydollaz on IG) and Stevie J (@whoissteviej on IG) for the release of a Haitian-themed hat with the proceeds of the release going to the victims of Hurricane Matthew.

Zoey Dollaz and DJ Stevie J are both of Haitian descent and felt moved by the fallout from the natural disaster, deciding to help those suffering in their homeland. With the large Haitian community here in Miami, it only felt right for Finessing to lend a hand the best way we know how. The hat, “Finessing For The People,” will be released on Friday December 2nd during Art Basel. It features Haitian detailing on the back and in comes with red lettering on denim or red lettering on red canvas. We hope you’ll consider grabbing one. It’s a stylish way to show solidarity with our friends and neighbors who have been affected by the tragedy and make a small difference in the lives of others.

Below is a flyer for the release event at 380 District where DJ Stevie J and Zoey Dollaz will both be on hand.

Finesse for a cause. Finesse for the people.