• Finessing Staff

[Finessing Miami] x [Fifty Karats]

We are pleased to announce our upcoming collaboration with Fifty Karats, a capsule release titled "Paid In Full." Our friends over at Fifty Karats have been running with the "Make Money Not Friends" concept for a while and we feel working together is a natural fit. Finessing Miami is about the grind, the hustle, and getting your shit done at all costs. Fifty Karats is about comfortable luxury, balance and moderation, and placing the hustle over socializing.

Featuring the phrase "Make Money Not Friends" on the back of the shirt with "Finessing" and the coordinates to U2S Studios on the front, the collaboration is a statement piece sure to draw attention.

Whether you're a designer, an artist, a musician, or a hustler of any sort, chances are you've been approached by friends who don't support your grind. They might ask for a free flyer, maybe a free t-shirt, maybe guest list to the event you're putting together. As we get older, the more we realize some of the people we surround ourselves with are quick to take but slow to give, quick to ask for a handout without considering the work you put into your craft.

That's not to say that friends aren't important. It doesn't mean that there isn't room in life to have friends you care about. What it does mean is that we work to make money, to make our lives better and take care of the people we should be taking care of. Some friends can help you get there, Others distract you from your goals.

So, this collaboration is a head nod to everyone who's focused on funds over friends. Make Money Not Friends.