• Finessing Staff

Finessing Miami x [FIFTY KARATS] x Cyber Monday

This Cyber Monday, Finessing Miami and [FIFTY KARATS] have teamed up to make a collaboration. Titled “Make Money Not Friends,” the collaboration includes a black shirt with either 3M or red lettering. The collab is also available as a long-sleeved t-shirt and a hoody, A strong statement to be sure, the collab with [FIFTY KARATS] is meant to turn heads and provoke thought.

The front graphic includes the word “Finessing” inside of [FIFTY KARATS] trademark brackets. Underneath lie the coordinates to the studio where the collaboration was cheffed up. The back graphic includes the powerful phrase, “Make Money Not Friends.” Meant to be a call to place goals and aspirations above fake friendships, something that can get lost among all the “networking” we find ourselves doing on a regular basis.

All in all, the collaboration is sure to draw some attention without doing too much. It’s subtle but powerful, loud without yelling.