• Finessing Staff

Odell Beckham Jr Ringside at UFC 205 In Our Finessing Miami Camel Suede Hat

Rocking our Finessing hat has become a habit for OBJ -- one that we’re definitely not mad at. Saturday night, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was on hand to watch UFC champion Conor McGregor take on challenger Eddie Alvarez. Wearing the Camel suede “Finessing” hat, OBJ watched the fight ringside and posed with the winning fighter after the bout.

He wore the hat after his marriage proposal to the kicking net and was spotted in the same Camel suede hat in the streets of Miami earlier this year.

What might surprise you is how OBJ got his hands on one of the two camel suede Finessing hats made. With social media hustler YesJulz owning one and photographer Brandon Amango owning the other, the suspects were slim. Turns out, Brandon left the hat at the OVO Compound in Calabassas where it ended up in the NFL superstar’s personal wardrobe.

So, even though you might not be able to make one-handed catches, we’re happy to tell you that on November 14th you can order the Camel Suede Finessing hat for yourself, which is just as good.